Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where are we again?

I have been thinking of a proper creation story for Asteriis (aster-ree-us).  I had some ideas and wanted some input as to the favorite choice.  I'm having a shit time picking where this planet came from! They may all end up playing some minor roll in the setting, as myths and whatnot, but I need one to drive the thing forward.  Much thanks for any help, and I may try to "poll out" more of this thing as I go along.

  1.  The vile Thrash Barahn inadvertently tore a hole in the Fahln universe, ripping it's hand to shreds in the process.   As the universe healed, the wound formed a pocket filled with the mangled remains of the Thrash Barahn's hand.  Flesh, bone, blood and a magical firery dagger all swirled together in the pocket as it grew over time.  Their mixtures formed, during the eons after, the Elnth universe and of it's many planets, Asteriis.

  2.  The art of magic, the practice of manipulating a universe's laws and contents, can be mastered to the extent that a practitioner can achieve a level so profound, that he or she can create their own universe.  The universe that contains Asteriis is one such creation of the Over Wizard, Qisantar.

 3.  A retired mystical warrior, Verazzi, in a far off realm was near the highest pinnacle of enlightenment, in the family garden at his modest mountain estate, when a force set upon his destruction arrived at the home's gates.  He slew them for days before he tired.  As he fell and lay dying, his thoughts achieved a perfect clarity of existence.  This action led to the creation of a new universe, as it obliterated the old one.  The new universe is home to Asteriis.

4. The dying god Olydys scrapes together some soil from his homeland and, sacrificing his last breath, imparts upon it the essence of his existence, forming Asteriis' home universe.

Last post I presented a quick look at what level of detail I want to impart upon this project of building a campaign setting.  I will continue with that real soon, but I thought I might ought to get some of these big chunks going first, like where the planet is from.  Anyhow... thanks for reading and here's a map.


  1. I like 1 the best, but 4 is a close second.

  2. I rather like a combination of numbers 1 and 4, with the universe coming to be as a result of unfathomable powers, so long ago. And whether by accident, or sacrifice, or even both, a new reality is born. Would really leave the "Why are we here" question wide open for interpretation. Suck on that one NPC philosophers. :P

  3. I really like your mapping style. :)